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Who They Are: Proactiv® is the #1 best-selling acne treatment and skin-care brand in the U.S.  


Project Overview:  As the only retail distributor of Proactiv® for 17 years, Proactiv® is AKM’s largest owner-operated, common area marketing project with hundreds of year-round cart operations, automated retail locations and dedicated ecommerce website.

ABC Mouse

Who They Are: ABCmouse is a subscription-based, digital early childhood education program.

Project Overview: AKM’s comprehensive leasing strategies (including site selection, and demographic analysis) helped ABCmouse to become the first online retailer to venture into common area mall space via company-customized cart operation. Their interactive mall cart displays generate subscription signups and market children’s books and backpacks.

Great Foods Gourmet (Seasonal)

Who They Are: Gourmet-style classic treats, handpicked fruits and pre-packaged confections.


Project Overview: AKM’s full-scale cart operations launched Great Foods Gourmet in the common area retail space from design concept, to marketing and leasing. AKM’s high-quality seasonal/holiday kiosk designs featured premium food and gift presentations by high-end dessert retailers: Harry & David, Cheryl’s Cookies and Brownies and Fannie May Chocolates and Moose Punch Popcorn.

Hickory Farms (Seasonal)

Who They Are: A distributor of gourmet sausages, cheeses and other specialty food items.


Project Overview: AKM rolled out 120 kiosks and pop-up stores. Our team managed every aspect from leasing and rent negotiations to holiday cart design and employee training.

Hess Toy Truck (Seasonal)

Who They Are: Hess Toy Truck is one of the longest running toy brands in the U.S. The line includes a number of toy vehicles as collector’s items and Christmas gift traditions

Project Overview: AKM took Hess Toy Truck’s primarily online-only business and successfully converted it to retail. AKM’s striking Hess Toy Truck kiosk display drew in devoted fans and collectors. Our full-scale operational management included the leasing, marketing and staffing of all locations.  

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